Wednesday, May 2, 2012

#5 untitled

Last tuesday night i had little hang out with one of my bestfriend ever Ririsoo, and also mixed it with story telling alias curcol hahaaa (of course)
I usually never ever leave my house at weekdays night, the reason is just because i've to wake up early each work day to go to the office.. hoaammhh such a boring activity right?
But we already have a plan to spend our 'free' time together with such an interesting activity which is updating our bloooog.. *wondering*
And my boyf picked me up, after our long discussion on the phone. bla bla bla blaa..
I got dissapointed because of his inconsistent before and we just have short conversation that doesn't have a meaning yet.. 

I was getting cold, he was getting cold, we were on the way to home and silence. He drove his car soooo faaaaast... Maybe just because his tomorrow early morning schedule and he didn't prepare everything yet.. *positive thinking*
At bedroom, i didn't do anything, i didn't changed my clothes too.. haha
I just try to sleep, it's my way to forget something disturbs and to make me feel better. Then there wass some text message from him, he asked "i'm home, what are you doing?'
Hehehee he acted like there's nothing happened before.. 
Fine, i replied his message with short word then i slept. 

But, we are fine already today *hughug*

Note: Maaf ya, kalo bahasa inggrisnya berantakan, masih banyak yang perlu saya pelajari.. *wink*

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